Entertainment and Nightlife in Jagdalpur

Jagdalpur is a traditional city mostly inhabited by the tribal people. About 70% of total population constitutes of the various tribes. These people have their own way of entertainment which includes dancing to their local folk dances, singing folk songs, and many other ways of entertainment. They are not inclined towards the modern way of entertainment like watching movies, spending time in Discotheque and bars. Only a small portion consisting of non-tribal people use these facilities and hence the entertainment facilities in Jagdalpur are very limited. The same goes with using modern health facilities like clubs, gyms and spa.

Cinema halls in Jagdalpur

Cinema Halls in Jagdalpur

Movies have always played a very important role of entertainment for Indians. They are closely related to the life style of the people of India. Cinema Halls can be found even in a small town or village. In Jagdalpur also there are few cinema halls. Mostly hindi movies are preferred by the people of Jagdalpur, but Bhojpuri and English movies are also liked by the people of Jagdalpur. Though the craze of the movies is limited to non-tribal people still many from tribal community also like to enjoy the movies.
Cineplus Entertainment
Address - Binaka Mall, 3rd Floor, Chitrakoot Road, Jagdalpur Ho, Jagdalpur - 494001
Phone Number - +(91)-9165743134

New Narendra Theatre
Address - House No 1, Bastar, Maharani Hospital Road, Jagdalpur Ho, Jagdalpur - 494001
Phone Number - +(91)-7782-222421

Anupama Talkies
Address - Anupama Chowk, Jagdalpur HO, Jagdalpur - 494001

Jhankar Talkies
Address - Jhankar Chowk, Jagdalpur HO, Jagdalpur - 494001

Bars and Pubs in Jagdalpur

Alcoholic drinks have always been a part of celebrating any happy moment, be it any success, festivity or any happy occasion since past. Though the form of alcohols have been changing its form from time to time and place to place. The tribal people also enjoy alcoholic drinks on every occasion. They make their own local alcohols using different plants. Their alcoholic drinks are very strong and they can only withstand them. The non-tribal people cherishes different English wines and enjoy going to pubs and bars. Though alcoholic consumption is not advisable.

Rainbow Restaurant
Address - C/O Rainbow Hotel, Opposite Sanjay Market, Behind Hata Ground, Palace Road, Jagdalpur HO, Jagdalpur - 494001
Phone Number - +(91)-7782-221684

Rekha Restaurant
Address - Bastar, Jagdalpur HO, Jagdalpur - 494001

Hotel Chetak Bar & Restaurant
Address - C/O Chetak Hotel, New Bus Stand Road, Jagdalpur Ho, Jagdalpur - 494001
Phone Number - +(91)-9993509500

Clubs in Jagdalpur

The only club present in Jagdalpur is the Indian Health Club. It is a health club having different heath facilities. Though the club use is limited to its members. From time to time event and live shows are organised to keep people in jolly mood.

Indian Health Club
Address - Nehru Munch,Lalbagh, Front Of Lala Bag, Jagdalpur - 494001
Phone Number - +(91)-9755252180

Yoga Classes in Jagdalpur

Yoga classes are a healthy way to stay fit. Yoga is an ancient way of staying fit. Originated in ancient India, it was used extensively by the saints and sadhus. Yoga is recently gaining importance around the globe. Yoga these days is being modified in different forms according to the requirement, ages etc. Yoga has become a part of studies in many schools. Children are taught yoga from very early ages. The different typaes of Yoga available are power Yoga, yoga for kids, old ages for losing weight etc.

The Art Of Living
Address - Nayapara, Jagdalpur HO, Jagdalpur - 494001
Phone Number - +(91)-9407645251

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